Ryan States

Immigrant (Fish Out of Water)

Ryan States



Immigrant is about my longing to return north and move to NYC, which I later did.

Everything was recorded at the train except drums and 6-stringed instruments. It features Bill Leary on tenor sax. Cameron Morgan and Kevin Breuner recorded the guitars remotely (Portland). Brian McRae plays a very musical drum track (Boulder). 



I was stopped by the Texas state patrol
Didn’t like the sound on my radio
I guess he never heard of Heatwave
Do you like my shoes, do you wanna trade?
I was told by a man of the cloth
That it’s not good to be so soft
He didn’t approve of the love I made
Said that I was lost and that he was saved 
Sometimes feel like a fish out of water
At times forget I’m not from here  
The spirit longs for a much larger world
Been waiting for like five years ago
Made a vow with my co-conspirator
To emigrate up north together
Said we’d give up all our lusts  
If we let another year get the best of us  
Then we’d be where the dreamers go
Losing ourselves in the world capitol
But now he says he’s gonna ‘make it’ in Sanger
He got another place with another singer…
chorus: repeat
Gonna steal a ride if I need to
There isn’t much that I would not do
I may love someone, though it’s not fair
But I still don’t know if I’ll ever get there
Gonna quit my job for my sanity
Wake up tomorrow, I’ll be seventy
But hey that’s just another year
And by the way things look I’ll still be here 
Oh, it can’t be so
I belong where I cannot go
Oh, didn’t cha know
we are all born alone
[sax solo]  
chorus: repeat